The Summer of “Hygge;” South Lake Tahoe’s newest Home-Care Services with a twist!

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      Hygge; Pronounced “Hue-gah;” is a fundamental quality of Scandinavian life. Danish in origin, It means; in essence, to include several of life’s smallest pleasures included in everyday living into one philosophy while creating a sense of warmth … Continued

Should You Be Thinking About Buying or Building?

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Bring me your tired, your house hungry, and your picky home buyers!  When looking for a home it can be really difficult to find that home that’s just right for you.  Here in South Lake Tahoe there are a great … Continued

How to Deal With Sierra Cement

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We have been very fortunate this year to see so much snow.  At the beginning of these big storms however there is a phenomenon called Sierra Cement that is like a mixture of rain and snow.  This stuff is difficult … Continued

Let’s Buy a House – Tips on How to Keep Your Savings Through the Slow Season

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Hello everyone!  My last blog was about raising your credit to get on track to buy a house.  I have lived in South Lake Tahoe my entire life and know very well how difficult the slow season can be.  Like … Continued

The Best Local Spots for Last Minute Gifts!

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The Holidays have arrived!  During this season we focus on giving and one of the best ways to do that for your local community is to give your money to our local businesses.  There are a bunch of great spots … Continued

The RETahoe Monthly Newsletter is here!

  Fill in the form below to sign up today and stay up to date on everything happening in Lake Tahoe.     I’m excited to tell you all about our free newsletter.  Within you will find a ton of … Continued

Tips to Get the Most Out of Lake Tahoe Winters

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I hope you’re all enjoying the winter wonderland out here in Lake Tahoe.  While snow is an awesome part of Tahoe living it also means that more planning needs to take place before venturing out of your house.  I have … Continued

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Thanksgiving is tomorrow!  It’s a great day of family bonding and home cooked food.  Some years it’s nice to take a break from all the craziness and have someone else cook.  If you’re visiting the Lake you may be wondering … Continued

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