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Dec 03 2014

Make your Vacation Property More Appealing to Winter Renters


It’s that time again: you’re thinking about building fires in the fireplace, bundling up in your warmest sweater, sipping hot cocoa while you watch the snow, and fretting over that unrented vacation home.

Here are some tips for making your vacation property appealing to winter renters:

Winterize your marketing. It won’t matter how perfect your place is for a mid-winter getaway if people don’t know about it. If you’re like many vacation property owners, you’re already listed on at least one “rent by owner” website, so make the most of your exposure. Play up features like hot tubs and fireplaces. Sprinkle copy with words like warm, cozy, cocoon, snuggle, and cuddle. Finally, add a few “off-season” photos of your property to your website. Photos of the home framed in brilliant autumn leaves or dusted with snow will speak louder than a thousand poetic words.

Consider off-season specials. Everyone loves a bargain, and in the winter, they expect one. My favorite off-season booking magnet is rent three nights and get one free. Or, when you get a call from someone looking to book for next spring or summer, offer them a winter special—say, half-price off a weekend stay—so they can come check out the place early. That would be tough to resist.wood_fireplace

Add warm, cozy touches. Put thick, warm comforters on the bed and fleece throws on the sofa. Place a few spice-scented candles on tables or countertops. Leave savory winter treats in the kitchen: cocoa mix and marshmallows, spiced apple cider, ginger cookies, chili fixings, and a crock pot. You might even consider leaving an extra coat or two in the closet, along with toboggans, gloves, and scarves—chances are they won’t be used, but guests will appreciate the hospitality.

Plan for snow. If guests should happen to get snowed in at your home, you want to make the experience as pleasant as possible. Make sure to have a snow shovel, ice melt, and a windshield ice scraper on the premises. The possibility of inclement weather is a good reason to have a selection of nonperishable foods on hand, as well as movies and books. You certainly don’t want a houseful of hungry, stir-crazy, cranky renters who are cursing their vacation experience (and by association, you).

Consider adding a hot tub, sauna, or ventless gas fireplace. If your vacation property is a “summer home” with no winter appeal, such additions can make a world of difference. You may be thinking that these are pricey upgrades, but you’ll be amazed at how fast they pay for themselves via increased winter bookings. If you install a ventless gas fireplace, be sure to get a carbon monoxide detector as well.

Make your home baby- and toddler-friendly. You’ve probably noticed that people with very young children are more likely to travel off-season. (After all, they’re not constrained by school schedules). Appeal to these people by including baby and toddler paraphernalia. A high chair and a porta crib should cost less than $150 combined, and can increase your bookings.

Accept pets. Vacation properties that accept pets increase their occupancy by 10-50%. When you accept pets, it’s okay to take an additional $20-$25/night or $140 to $175/week. This extra (which pet owners would have to spend anyway on boarding fees) is enough to pay for any carpet cleaning that needs to be done.

Offer a “customized” special to repeat guests. If you’ve tried everything and you still have lots of weeks unbooked, it’s time to get creative. Consider calling or e-mailing prior “VIP” guests and offering them discounted off-season stays. You might even link the stay to a special event in their lives. For instance, if you know that John and Jane Smith have an anniversary in March—thanks to the detailed file you keep on them—call them and offer a special celebratory weekend at a reduced rate. When they accept, have a champagne gift basket waiting for them in the bedroom along with a handwritten “Happy Anniversary” note.


Oct 05 2013

What’s my South Lake Tahoe Home worth?

Are you asking yourself “What’s my South Lake Tahoe Home worth?”. South Lake Tahoe home values have increased in the last couple of years, what about your home? Wouldn’t you like to know what it’s worth in today’s market? If you are thinking of selling, find out what your home is worth by clicking here! You will receive a completely free, professional home value report delivered to your e-mail address. No hassle and no obligation. Find out what your South Lake Tahoe home is worth today!


Also, you can call me for a consultation and ask me any questions you may have about our local real estate market and the process of selling your home. You can reach me on my cell phone 530-721-2552. Call me today for a free and friendly consultation.




Sep 28 2013

Lake Tahoe Real Estate

Looking to invest in Lake Tahoe Real Estate?


Your search starts here! Let me guide you through the process of buying your very own Home in the beautiful area of

Lake Tahoe Real Estate

Lake Tahoe Real Estate

South Lake Tahoe.

Nanda Dozier is a Realtor® licensed in both California and Nevada. “I am proud to say that my honest enthusiasm, relentless drive, passion, and communication are what set me apart. I’m on top of the most innovative marketing strategies to get you the best price possible in the shortest amount of time. I have earned the Area Specialist certification through our local board of Realtors® and the e-PRO Internet Professional Certification from the National Association of Realtors®.”


If you are searching Homes for Sale in Lake Tahoe click on the link below to have access to every property that is current available on the market. This is the best place to search properties for sale in the South Lake Tahoe area.




If you already own a Home in Lake Tahoe and you are looking to sell it, I can help with that too! My pro-active Marketing Plan is customized for your property’s unique marketing needs. The purpose of my plan is to expose your Home to the maximum number of interested and capable buyers; educate buyers on the unique features and lifestyle benefits your home offers; help you get the highest possible sales price. I have represented many families in this area concluding transactions that realize maximum value in a reasonable time. I hope you will select me as your agent in this very important transaction.




Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about Lake Tahoe Real Estate.


Jul 22 2013

7 Home Inspection Red Flags


A home inspection is serious business. It’s the buyer’s opportunity to make sure that the house they’re about to purchase doesn’t hold any expensive surprises. A home inspection is a buyer’s opportunity to see if any problems lurk that may prove expensive to fix later. Home inspections nearly always uncover something in a home to watch for or minor repairs needed.nx4ioph0yx48_womanwithplumberlookingundersink4-web

A typical home inspection includes a check of a house’s structural and mechanical condition, from the roof to the foundation. Depending on the seriousness of what the inspection uncovers, the buyer can walk away from the deal (most contracts include an inspection contingency in the event of major flaws) or negotiate with the seller for the necessary repairs.

These are some red flags that should send a buyer back to the negotiating table.

1. Termites and other live-in pests: The home you’ve fallen in love with may also be adored by the local termite population. The sooner termites are detected, the better. The same goes for other wood-devouring pest. Keep in mind that getting rid of the intruders is just the first step. Once the problem has been addressed, have a pest control expert advise you on what needs to be done in order to prevent their return.

2. Drainage issues: Poor drainage can lead to wood rot, wet basements, perennially wet crawlspaces and major mold growth. Problems are usually caused by missing or damaged gutters and downspouts, or improper grading at ground level. Correcting grading and replacing gutters is a lot less costly than undoing damage caused by the accumulation of moisture.

3. Pervasive mold: Where moisture collects, so grows mold, a threat to human health as well as to a home’s structure. Improper ventilation can be the culprit in smaller, more contained spaces, such as bathrooms. But think twice about buying a property where mold is pervasive — that’s a sign of long-term moisture issues.

4. Faulty foundation: A cracked or crumbling foundation calls for attention and repair, with costs ranging from moderate to astronomically expensive. The topper of foundation expenses is the foundation that needs to be replaced altogether — a possibility if you insist on shopping “historic” properties. Be aware that their beautiful details and old-fashioned charms may come with epic underlying expenses.

6. Worn-out roofing: Enter any sale agreement with an awareness of your own cost tolerance for roof repair versus replacement. The age and type of roofing material will figure into your home inspector’s findings, as well as the price tag of repair or replacement.

7. Outdated wiring: Home inspectors will typically open and inspect the main electrical panel, looking for overloaded circuits, proper grounding and the presence of any trouble spots like aluminum branch circuit wiring, a serious fire hazard.


Source: AOL Real Estate Editors posted on July 19th, 2013 –



Jun 11 2013

Have we just passed the bottom of the housing market?


Why some buyers in South Lake Tahoe are feeling like they missed out.

Mortgage rates and home prices are on the rise, and some home buyers who were waiting around for the housing market to reach bottom are realizing now they may have missed the boat.

Mortgage rates are inching up, with the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage averaging 3.91 percent last week — up from 3.3 percent in early May, according to mortgage giant Freddie Mac.

“It’s unlikely that rates will ever be that low again,” says Doug Duncan, Fannie Mae’s chief economist.

The Fed has been keeping interest rates at record lows by buying up to $85 billion a month in Treasury bonds and mortgage-backed securities, which has helped bolster the housing market.

“Up until recently, expectations were that the Fed would begin to taper purchases of mortgage-backed securities and Treasury bonds late in 2013, but that time frame appears to have moved to September, possibly sooner,” says Keith Gumbinger, vice president of, a mortgage information company.

As the economy continues to gain traction, interest rates are expected to continue to increase, Gumbinger says, since low rates often are associated with a distressed economy.

But even if mortgage rates move up a percentage point or two, housing experts note that mortgage rates will still be low by historical standards.

“The 30-year (mortgage rate) hit a 37-year low in 2003 at 5.23 percent,” Gumbinger says. “That was the previous low-watermark prior to this financial crisis, and it’s likely we will move closer to that mark as we grind forward.”

Housing Market on the rise


Source: Daily Real Estate News posted on June 11th, 2013 –


Mar 28 2013

Lake Tahoe Homes for Sale


If you are searching Homes for Sale in Lake Tahoe click on this link to have access to every property that is current available on the market. This is the best place to search properties for sale in the Lake Tahoe area.

The market is constantly changing but you can keep checking our blog to get updates on new listings, the latest housing market trends, news about South Lake Tahoe and much more!


If you are looking for a certain type of property just check the categories below to find the perfect Tahoe Home:

- Map Search208-cedar-ridge-22

- Lake Views/ Lake Front Homes

- Homes Adjacent to Forest

- Multi-family Properties

- Featured Listings

- Vacation Rentals / Second Homes for Sale
To make your search even easier click below to search South Lake Tahoe Homes for Sale by price range or Neighborhoods.

- Search by Price Range

- Search by City Neighborhoods in South Lake Tahoe

- Search by County Neighborhoods in South Lake Tahoe


However, here’s the best and most efficient way to search Lake Tahoe Homes for Sale. All you have to do is Sign up for the New Listings Notification. This way you will be updated on price reductions and new listings as soon as they become available. Be the first one to know when a brand new listing becomes available in your desired area and don’t miss any opportunities. Go ahead and sign up, it’s free and easy to use. You’ll receive notifications directly to your e-mail of only the properties that meet your criteria.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about a particular property or if you’d like to visit any property in Lake Tahoe that is for sale.


Mar 10 2013

Low inventory of Homes for Sale in South Lake Tahoe


The first official day of Spring may still be a few days away, but the Spring housing market is already underway. Buyer traffic is rising along with home prices, but one traditional Spring phenomenon is sorely absent: rising supply. The raw number of homes for sale is now at its lowest level in over 13 years, according to the National Association of Realtors, and the numbers continue to fall.

Supplies are down across the nation. In South Lake Tahoe listings are down 45.9% percent from a year ago causing fierce competition among home buyers.

Months Supply of Inventory in South Lake Tahoe


It’s a seller’s market again. We have very low inventory and almost no distressed homes on the market. Most properties that are being listed are going into escrow within a few days and in many cases receiving multiple-offers.

As a result, short sales, where the home is sold for less than the value of the mortgage, are rising as a share of total distressed sales, while bank-owned home sales are falling. Investors are now competing for such little supply that they are ironically pricing themselves out of the market.

We are seeing this trend all over the country and it’s the same story in South Lake Tahoe CA, where there were 419 listings in March of last year and just 264 listings on the market today. Real estate agents are doubting that they will see a surge in inventory this Spring.

Number of Homes for Sale in South Lake Tahoe


If you’re a homeowner in South Lake Tahoe and were considering selling your home, right now is great time to put your home on the market. We’re in a seller’s market so take advantage of this opportunity to get top dollar for your home. If you’d like to know how much your home would sell for in today’s market just click here and fill out the form to get a FREE professional valuation of your property.

If you are a home buyer and you want to stay on top of the market click here to search all Homes for Sale in South Lake Tahoe. Also, you can sign up for new listings notification and be informed regarding price reductions and new listings as soon as they become available.




Mar 05 2013

Pinnacle Real Estate Group of Lake Tahoe recognized at Global Conference


The LeadingRE Conference Week attracted 2,000 real estate brokers, managers, relocation professionals, sponsors and guests from across the U.S. as well as 20 countries worldwide. The Pinnacle Real Estate Group office, located in South Lake Tahoe CA, was selected for membership in Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, which recruits only the best among locally and regionally branded firms. As a member of this global network, the Pinnacle Real Estate Group can assist home buyers and sellers worldwide and can access “LeadingRE’s” full range of brokerage services, including lead generation, branding support, luxury marketing, web exposure, technology systems, and state of the art learning and credentialing.

The Pinnacle Real Estate Group of Lake Tahoe is proud to announce they received national recognition within the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World’s® 2013 Annual Conference held at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. Pinnacle’s website,, earned the Quality Certification (WQC) Award acknowledging superior websites among LeadingRE’s 550 member firms.
The Pinnacle Real Estate Group was also named in the LeadingRE’s 2012 Momentum Club. This award was given based upon Pinnacle’s increased level of incoming as well as out-going referral transactions within the LRE organization. Michelle Benedict, co-owner of the Pinnacle Real Estate Group of Lake Tahoe, in response to receiving the awards commented, “It was quite an honor to be recognized within such an elite real estate organization. Our agents worked hard over the past year and it is nice to be able to bring these awards back to them. They deserve it.”



Jan 11 2013

South Lake Tahoe Real Estate Market Report – Tahoe Housing market 2012


According to the South Lake Tahoe Association of REALTOR’s Multiple Listing Services, there were an average 715 properties sold through the past 12 months (Jan 2012 through Dec 2012) in the area of South Lake Tahoe CA. During the same period in 2011 there were 593 properties sold.

South Lake Tahoe Sold properties 2012


From the 715 properties sold in the past 12 months, 167 of them were foreclosures and 114 were short sales. Of the 593 properties sold in 2011, 180 of them were foreclosures and 100 were short sales.

South Lake Tahoe Sold distressed properties 2012


Of the 715 homes sold in the past 12 months, the median home price is $242,000, the median home price in 2012 went down 6.7% from $259,500 during 2011.

South Lake Tahoe median sales price 2012


As for the list price to sold price ratio, the homes that sold in South Lake Tahoe during the past 12 months sold for an average of 96.2% of the original asking price. The list to sold ratio in 2011 was 95% of the original asking price.

South Lake Tahoe percent of List price received 2012


There were less homes for sale on the market in the past 12 months compared to the same period in 2011. The month supply in the past 12 months was 5.2 months of inventory, 41.6% less from 2011 that had a supply of 8.9 months worth of inventory.

South Lake Tahoe Months supply of Homes for Sale 2012


There are currently 209 homes on the market in South Lake Tahoe as of Jan 11th of 2013, 68 of which are in escrow. Of the homes in escrow, the prices range from a low of $94,500 up to $1,7000,000, all with an average of $202 price per square feet. The home listed for $94,500 is a 2 bedrooms/2 baths/no car garage home with 962sqft built in 1963, located in the Bijou neighborhood. The home listed for $1,700,000 is a 5 bedrooms/4 baths/3 cars garage lake front home with 3,176sqft built in 1985 in the Tahoe Keys neighborhood.

Summarizing all this information we can realize that compared to 2011, in the past 12 months we had a lot more sales sales and less homes on the market. The current inventory of homes is very short and we are having a lot of buyer’s competition. The demand currently exceed the supply so we are in a seller’s market. Most of the time if a home is priced competitively the owners usually receive multiple offers. If you were considering selling your home, right now is great time to put your home on the market.


Click here if you’d like a free market evaluation for your property.




Aug 14 2012

Is it a good time to sell my house in South Lake Tahoe?


Do you want to sell your house in South Lake Tahoe but you think you might still be underwater?

Many homeowners in the Lake Tahoe area have been upside down on their mortgage for the past few years and would like to sell their house. Unfortunately, they have not been able to because they were in a negative equity position and did not want to short sale.

We have good news! The market has changed a lot for the past 12 months. If you were underwater, it is possible that you’re not anymore.

Click here to get a free market analysis for your home to find out if you are underwater or not.


A recent report from the National Association of Realtors® reported positive news that we

haven’t seen in the past few years including:

  • Prices continue to firm up with 64 percent of Realtors® reporting constant or increasing prices compared to the same time a year ago.
  • Looking forward, 84 percent of Realtors® expected constant or rising prices in the forthcoming year.

The report states that these increases are due to recent imbalance between supply and demand in most real estate market. We’re also experiencing this trend in our local market here in South Lake Tahoe.

So, if you think that it is possible that you may no longer be underwater, now might be the time to sell.

If you want to know how much your home is worth in our current market you can request a free CMA.

What is a CMA?

All real estate is local and every neighborhood is unique. That means that some neighborhoods have increased in value much more than others. Our comparative market analysis considers factors unique to your home and applies them to local current buying trends.

I’m Still Underwater, What Are My Options?

If you obtain a market analysis and you are still underwater, you currently have a couple of
options. If you really want to sale your home, then you may want to consider a short sale.

If you want to keep your home, talk to your lender to find out if you qualify for refinancing.

Keep in mind that many South Lake Tahoe homes have seen significant price increases in the
last 12 months. So it is possible that even though you used to be deep underwater, you may
now be close to break-even or maybe even have a little equity in your property. If that is the
case for you, see if you can take advantage of the current low mortgage rates and refinance your loan.

Now is the time to act. Contact us today to discuss your options your options.

Click here to find out How much your home is worth!


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