You’re at the point in your life where you’re seriously considering purchasing your first home.  You’re sick of paying high rental costs when you know that you’ll never own that property and it simply makes sense to start investing in your own future.

Buying a home is an exciting adventure, and whether this is your first home or your second, it’s important that you take your time when evaluating potential properties so that you end up with a property that truly reflects your style, your preferences, your lifestyle and of course, the size of your family.

Driving by a property isn’t enough, and even if you love the layout, structure and design of a home, there are outside factors that should influence your decision to buy.

Some of these things may include:

  • Choosing a neighborhood reflective of your own lifestyle.
  • Considering the layout of a home (open concept, 3 story, etc)
  • Considering the size of the property and whether there is room to expand.
  • Choosing a property with adequate privacy.
  • Choosing a property with a backyard, trees or fencing.
  • Choosing a property that offers features most important to you.
  • Whether the property needs improvements (and costs associated)
  • Evaluating the different real estate companies available to you.
  • Understanding zoning regulations, the housing market, additional costs.

There are other factors to consider outside of the property itself as well, so that you can purchase a home with limited risks involved, including:

  • Hiring a home inspection company.
  • Financing opportunities, mortgages, and loans.
  • How to put in your first offer.
  • Setting a closing date that works for you and the seller.
  • Understanding contracts, hiring a real estate attorney.
  • Moving expenses, hiring a moving company

Closing the deal and moving in! 



Choosing your Neighborhood

One of the greatest factors in regards to overall costs of property is in the neighborhood or area itself. In real estate, location is everything and depending on what your personal preferences are, you should expect the costs of properties to change based on location, even when all other features and factors are similar. All …

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Why Hire a Realtor?

There are several other reasons to hire a real estate agent.  These include: Peace Of Mind The bottom line is that as a buyer, a buyer’s agent is the best resource when it comes to finding and making an offer on a home. While a seller’s agent will be able to tell you the basics …

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The Importance of Home Inspections

Finding a home does not mean that your investigative duties are over. Although most states do not have required inspections, your lender may require at the very least a pest inspection that will need to be conducted before they agree to approve your mortgage loan. If there are termites or other insects, the home owners …

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Increase your Chance for Approval

There are a few ways to increase your chances for loan approval that will also help you determine what you will be able to afford each month: Pre-approval Many experts agree that applying for a loan before you find a home and being pre-approved will help you create a budget, buy a home that is …

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