Tahoe’s Underwater World…What lies beneath The Lake In The Sky?

emerald bay


Recently, with Tahoe’s highest waterline levels in YEARS, there’s been some increased interest in what lies beneath the lake’s cobalt-blue depths. After doing some research, we found this neat and informative article published by the Tahoe Quarterly back in 2015 about “what lies beneath Tahoe’s surface.” Written first-hand by a local SCUBA diver, It’s the most comprehensive and thought-out article we’ve found to date about what’s underneath Tahoe’s ripping blue waters. We’ve heard rumors of everything from secret tunnels leading to Pyramid Lake, an underground Cemetery of perfectly preserved mobsters and indians, Tahoe Tessie-an ancient sea creature, jellyfish, and even SHARKS. 


What do you think?


So, checkout the link below if you dare read on about this 1600-foot deep lake!

Tahoe’s Silent World: Diving Big Blue

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