Bubbles and Bowties Adult Prom

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What was your prom experience?  Good or bad memories you have a chance to re-live or re-do your prom.  Personally I just want to have a chance to wear an elegant evening gown again and try to forget about the massacre of a hair-do I got from a confused hairdresser for my prom night.  Imagine Marie Antoinette in a black halter top gown, I had to hold my head sideways in the car so I could fit inside with how tall it was.  It ended up being a fun night once I decided to adopt a flamboyant 17th century french persona and entertain my friends.  Now I can take this chance to get it right, and we’re able to have champagne now!  That should help with the dancefloor jitters.


Bubbles and Bow Ties Adult Prom is going to help fund a great cause too!  Proceeds from your ticket will go to sending a kid with diabetes to Camp Buck.  This is a great opportunity for these kids to get together with other kids who are facing the same life challenges.  The camp focuses on building character and leadership skills.  The Nevada Diabetes Association is a great organization that focuses on providing resources for diabetes education, prevention, and personal management.  



There will be contests and prizes for best dressed and many more!  They are asking that people attending dress as formal as possible.  There aren’t many events in Tahoe that you get to dress up for so dust off your high heels and your best formal dress. A Prom King and Queen raffle and professional photographers will be parts of it too so it really is like re-living your high school prom. This is tonight so get your tickets now to ensure that you don’t get left out. Tickets are $65 for general admission and you can buy them here!


For a full run down of the event go here.

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