Rogue One – In South Lake Tahoe Theaters Thursday!

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rogue-oneThe reviews are in for Rogue One, the newest installment of the Star Wars Saga and everyone seems to have fallen in love with this story all over again.  This movie is set just before the original Star Wars that came out in 1977.  For decades Star Wars has been a huge part of our culture.  Everyone knows and loves these movies so it’s really nice to see that the story is being continued on film.  Many in the Star Wars community was concerned when Disney bought the franchise for 4 billion dollars back in 2012, but it seems that they have done a tremendous job giving this great story the kind of respect everyone had hoped for.  I will be going to the first showing and I hope to see you all there! 

This movie has one of my favorite actors and Kung Fu artists Donnie Yen!  Trained by his mother who was an actual Kung Fu Master, he is one of the greatest fighters of all time in my opinion.  He starred in the popular Ip Man series about the man who later went on to train Bruce Lee.  He seems to be a perfect fit for a Star Wars battle scene and I can’t wait to see him on screen!

The Heavenly Village Cinema will be debuting Rogue One the night of Thursday the 15th.  You can go here for tickets  or stop by the theater at 1021 Heavenly Village Way to pick your’s up in advance.  

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