Tips to Get the Most Out of Lake Tahoe Winters

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I hope you’re all enjoying the winter wonderland out here in Lake Tahoe.  While snow is an awesome part of Tahoe living it also means that more planning needs to take place before venturing out of your house.  I have provided some helpful tips and resources to make your day to day go a little smoother and help you get prepared for even more snow.


Make sure your trash cans and cars are out of the way.

The snowplows run all through the night when there is heavy snow.  You don’t want to wake up to your trash can in the middle of the road or your car damaged.  The city has even been known to issue tickets for cars that impede snow removal.


Get up early to shovel:

Waking up a little early on days when it snowed over night can make a huge difference in how your day is going to go with snow in the picture.  If you shovel your driveway in the mornings when it’s still cold the snow is much lighter and easier to move.  If you have a snowblower doing this in the morning will reduce wear on your machine.  As it gets warmer throughout the day the snow gets heavier and compacts.  This will also reduce the amount of ice in your walkway, making for a safer walk to your house.


Warm Up Your Car:

Not only will this make your ride more comfortable but it gives you a chance to make sure everything is working properly.  Your car engine may have a difficult time starting in the morning.  Make sure you have a good battery and coolant that is rated for cold weather, I recommend something rated for -20.  That may seem extreme but it does get very cold in the morning, some weeks the lows will be around -12 to -15.


Be ready to leave early:

With snow and ice comes traffic.  Everyone is getting up early to get on the slopes or start their day.  I always try to give myself a 10 minute cushion if I am driving somewhere in town.  With ice and snow you never know if you will come across an accident that stops traffic.  Not to mention, it’s always a good idea to take it slow to avoid one yourself.


Keep an emergency kit:

Whether on your way to work or just running errands, you really don’t want to be stuck in a snowstorm without the proper clothing or supplies.  You’d be surprised how much snow can compound a seemingly small problem like a flat tire.  To make sure you are prepared make a little emergency kit to bring with you when going out.  Some nights when the town is really busy it may take a few hours for a tow truck or mechanic to show up.  Here are some suggestions for things to include in emergency bag:

  • Extra Warm Clothes
  • Really Good Winter Gloves (incase you have to put chains on or do some car work outside)
  • a flashlight
  • phone charger
  • bottles of water
  • non perishable snacks or granola bars
  • a blanket
  • Snow Boots (if you’re not already wearing them)
  • Snow Chains (it is california law to have these in your car in winter conditions)


I hope some of these tips will help you get the most out of your winter here in South Lake Tahoe.  Now you’re all ready to go play, so get out there and have some fun!





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