Fire Prevention – What you can do to protect your home

September 5th, 2016


Due to our beautiful and lush forest setting, fire prevention is one of the paramount concerns amongst property owners in Lake Tahoe.  There are regulations put in place by the Fire Department to help combat fire danger in our area.  There are also lots of things you can do yourself to ensure your home has defensible space and is ready in the event of a forest fire in your area.

Fire Prevention Fee:

  • The Fire Prevention Fee is due annually and costs 153.33 per habitable structure.
  • This fee helps to provide for fire prevention services in the SRA or State Responsibility Area and is only applicable to you if your home is within this area.
  • Your home may or may not be in the SRA. To find out if your new home falls into the area you can search the address of your new home at

Defensible Space:

  • Replace old single pane windows with double paned window with tempered glass.
  • Remove low tree branches and shrubs under trees around your property.
  • Keep your yard clear of debris and flammable materials like pine needles and leaves.
  • Place rocks or non-flammable materials on the perimeter of your home to build a barrier between your property and any fire dangers.
  • Upgrade your roofing from wood shake or shingle roofs to composition, metal, or tile.
  • Keep your gutters clean as embers can ignite any debris left in them.
  • Plant the right kind of plants. For example juniper bushes are notorious for being a problem due to their likelihood to hide embers and ignite suddenly even after firefighters have left an area.
  • For more ideas and information go to

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