The Best Places to Play Pokemon Go in South Lake Tahoe

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Whether or not you like Pokemon GO, you can’t disagree that it has changed a lot about how many people spend their daily lives.  There’s something awesome in that, since there are so many people playing, it is bringing people together by getting them out of their houses to battle, trade, and catch new pokemon every day.  Some of the businesses around Tahoe have been fortunate enough to have a Gym or Pokestop placed close enough to their establishment to draw customers.  People can drop “lures” which attract pokemon to a pokestop which benefits any hunter in the vicinity.


With this in mind I have provided you with some of my favorite places to play Pokemon GO with your friends and meet new people who are doing the same.  It can be a great ice breaker for those of us who may be a little shy about meeting new people.



Nepheles is a great italian restaurant with private hot tub reservations available and a great full bar, complete with a knowledgeable bartender.  Featuring entrees with options like wild boar, venison, king salmon, and escargot, Nepheles is a very classy option for a pokemon hunter.  There is a gym here to battle your pokemon with other players and even a few pokestops very close by to drop lures at.



This is one of my favorite restaurants in town.  They have two locations on the South Shore, one near Keys Blvd and the other at the Ski Run Marina.  The Ski Run location has two pokestops right next to it and on any busy night will already have lures dropped to ensure the best chance of catching some of the more rarely seen water type pokemon.  While hunting you can enjoy a nice Venison or Duck Entree with one of their signature cocktails.  They have live music on the weekends as well!


California Burger

If you’re a fan of whiskey, good food, and good times, this is the place for you.  Their menu even features alcoholic milk shakes.  I know what you’re thinking, but i guarantee that once you try it you will fall in love with them.  They have great music act as well like the famous Super Dave, Connor Party and one of my absolute favorite local bands, Strange Weather.


Fire Break in the Hard Rock

Going out on the town in Stateline can definitely cause you to build up a hefty appetite.  Fire Break in the Hard Rock casino is a good option for when those midnight munchies strike.  Their menu options like Fire Break Nachos or Wild Alaskan Salmon promise to satiate any appetite.  If you sit on the patio outside you have a view of the highway and the giant guitar that marks the front entrance to the casino.   Not only is this a great people watching spot, but the Guitar is a pokestop!


Despite some of the negative things people are saying about Pokemon Go, I think this game is here to stay.  As pokemon hunters we do have a responsibility to always be aware of our surroundings.  This means don’t drive and play, don’t trespass, don’t go into dangerous areas to catch pokemon, etc.  Safety is first as always, it helps to make sure everyone is having fun and helps to bring more people out to battle and trade with.  If we all work together to ensure the safety of ourselves and those around us there won’t be any accidents due to the game.

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