Base Camp Music Festival in South Lake Tahoe

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August 5th, 2016


The Base Camp Line Up
The Base Camp Line Up

If Snow Globe is the winter EDM music festival to go to, Base Camp is it’s summer time counterpart.  This is the 4th running year, and each event has been better than the last.  The event features DJs and DJ sets such as Nero, Hermitude, Krewella, and Chill Harris.  Each act promises to bring a ton of energy, impressive bass drops, 2 full nights of dancing like crazy and a great crowd.  The event happens this weekend, August 6th and 7th at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.


On Saturday August 6th:

Hermitude comes all the way from Sydney Australia bringing with them a funky chill and interesting sound complete with an energy that’s nearly impossible to keep from moving to.


Figure will be continuing their “Out of This World Tour” with Protohype which promises to be an interesting mix of Dub Step, catchy lyrics, and melodies perfect for you to wear out your dancing shoes in.


On Sunday August 7th:

Nero is known well for their song Doomsday that was featured in the Borderlands 2 video game trailer. They are also promoting their new album Between II Worlds.


Borgeous is possibly the act I’m most excited for this year.  With soulful lyrics and beats to match he promises to bring a great atmosphere to the festival.


Fight Clvb will be another exciting act.  Their song “Where it Hurts” is one of those great driving songs to sing along to and car dance.  Theirs is an energetic and kind of tribal sound that is great for that “I just wanna dance” mood.


These events are always something to behold.  Whether you like EDM or not, I suggest going and checking it out because the intense energy of the DJs and the crowd alike are the best parts.  It is difficult these days to find something where people really  cut loose and dance like no-one is watching.  Even the shyest of your friends will be compelled to dance the night away in a giant moving mass made of people and lights.




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