Restaurant Suggestions to Enjoy With Your Dog

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July 29th, 2016


“The Look”

There’s truly no better life a dog can have than living in Lake Tahoe.  That’s why so many locals here have dogs and many people travel here with their animals.  Summer is the best season for getting out and having some fun with those furry little guys, but we most of us need to make a pit stop while out.  It can be challenging if you have your dog with you while out on the town, but dog friendly restaurants make those beautiful summer days that much more enjoyable.


With so many outdoor activities and open trails there’s no end to the amount of fun you and your fuzzy friend can have in Lake Tahoe.  Personally it’s really hard to leave my dog at home, especially when he gives me “The Look”.  So i thought I’d take a moment to highlight some of my favorite restaurants around town that have dog friendly seating.


The Brewery at Lake Tahoe

The Brewery is one of the best places to go and grab a beer with your best friend, dog or human!  My favorite brew of theirs is called the Bad Ass Ale.  This unique tasting beer also has a burger named after it due to the mushrooms, onions, and bacon being sauteed in Bad Ass Ale before being placed upon two half pound angus patties!  Another great choice is the fish and chips here.  In my experience you can always judge a bar’s food based on their fish and chips and this place has one of my favorites.



If you’re looking for a more healthy option Sprouts is the place to go.  They have dog water bowls set out and a ton of fresh smoothies and juices to make for a very nice and refreshing pit stop.  This is a great place to get vegetarian or vegan options too!  The new re-model, completed just a few weeks ago is something to see as well.


Revive Coffee Wine
Revive Coffee and Wine’s front garden seating area
Revive Coffee and Wine

This a brand new restaurant and has quickly made its way into my heart as one of my favorite lunch spots.  The outdoor area is great for you and your dog because it is spacious and shady.  Situated on near the lakeview commons where the old winery used to be, the grass, trees, and adorable white picket fence create an atmosphere of relaxation.  Their coffee is to die for and their food represents the quality that can only be provided by the best local ingredients.


Asiago’s Pizzeria

If you’re looking for awesome italian food, great pizza, or a real authentic Philly Cheesesteak, go no further.  With amazing staff and a great selection of creative and delectable menu options you cant go wrong with this restaurant.  Located just past Lakeside Inn, this is the perfect spot to stop by after a long day at the dog beach at the end of Khale.  I would recommend their cheesesteaks as well.  Made on a flat top grill and smothered in cheese whiz this sandwich is one of the best I’ve ever had in the entire Lake Tahoe Area.



Every day in Lake Tahoe is an opportunity to connect with nature.  Summers in Tahoe can be short, this means we have to take advantage of the beautiful weather and atmosphere.  I hope these places will give you a seamless lunch or dinner option so you can make the most of your day out with your favorite friend!



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