America’s Most Beautiful Bike Ride

This weekend is the Annual America’s Most Beautiful Bike Ride.  Why do they call it that you ask?  Because it’s in Lake Tahoe!  The event is hosted by the new Hard Rock Casino and the money raised by the event will go to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society to help fight blood cancers.  In addition to helping raise $65.8 million for fighting blood cancers this ride promotes the construction and connection of bike paths around Lake Tahoe for a safer option for bike riding enthusiasts.


bike in woods

The ride takes place on Sunday, June 5th 2016.  With 4,024 feet in elevation climbed before the race is completed this ride is definitely for those dedicated to the sport.  Starting from the Hard Rock, the riders will go clockwise around the Lake and have a chance to take in the best of what Lake Tahoe has to offer.  There will be rest stops along the way for the participants to regain their energy before continuing along the 72 mile course around the lake.  Unfortunately registration for this years race is sold out, but this ride takes a lot of training and dedication to get ready for the event.  If you feel that you still would like to participate, same day registration might be available based on no shows.


Over 3,000 people will be riding in this event and there are 3 different course options: A 35 mile boat cruise/ride, the 72 mile course around the lake, and for the most experienced riders a 100 mile course featuring a detour to the Historic Town of Truckee before heading back to the course around the lake.


With so many people on the roads safety is paramount in an event like this.  So weather you are riding or you are going to be sharing the road with the participants, remember to give everyone their space, be courteous, and take it slow if need be.  The event is run by highly skilled and experienced organizers, but everyone has a responsibility to their fellow man to make sure this event is a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone.  Good luck and enjoy the ride!

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