Emergency Preparation Guide provided by the City of South Lake Tahoe

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Make Sure You're Prepared!
Make Sure You’re Prepared!

Are you prepared for an emergency? The City of South Lake Tahoe offers Emergency Preparation Guides for community members. As part of the City’s initiative to increase communications, they are offering a 12 part monthly series during 2013 highlighting emergency preparedness. These useful tools help you be better prepared in the event of an emergency. Below is a list of emergency guides which have been released in 2013:



Month 1 – Creating a Family Disaster Plan
Month 2 – Emergency supplies
Month 3 – Preparing important documents
Month 4 – Utility safety
Month 5 – Preparing extended event supplies
Month 6 – Fire Safety

To receive these monthly Emergency Preparation Guides via e-mail or to your mobile device, make sure to sign up on the City’s website at www.cityofslt.us/signup.

Please CLICK HERE to see the Emergency Preparation Tips booklet.

The guide also provides contact numbers for agencies located within City limits and throughout El Dorado County.


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