What Home Buyers Want

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Buyers have a long list of what they want when home shopping, but one of their biggest desires: A good deal.

Price, location, and condition have always been the most important factors in selling a home, but today’s buyers are wanting even more.  They want to get the most they can for the money. Every home buyer wants the same thing—VALUE!

Here are 6 things that are usually top on the list of home buyer preferences:

  1. Homes that are in good condition. Buyers aren’t interested in fixer-uppers right now. They don’t have a lot of cash, and they don’t want to spend money on home repairs immediately after they move in. They’re looking for homes that are in great condition and that are absolutely move-in ready. They don’t want to have to repaint, clean carpets, or cover up cracks in the ceiling. And they especially don’t want to spend money on major repairs. Also it’s essential for the house to be in a clean condition. Not just a tidied-up house, but a house with clean baseboards, windows, siding, refrigerator, cabinets and especially clean carpets!
  2. Outdoor living areas. Homes with screen porches, outdoor kitchens, two-way fireplaces are becoming increasingly competitive in the marketplace as more buyers say they want more outdoor living space. If your backyard leaves a lot to be desired, then do whatever you can to turn it into an oasis. Build a deck, plant flowers, add a fountain, and turn it into an escape for potential buyers.
  3. Open kitchens. The wall between the
    Open Kitchen
    This is a good example of an appealing kitchen

    kitchen and the family room is evaporating. The kitchen is becoming partof the gathering space. Open floor plans foster family togetherness, as well as increase options when entertaining guests. In addition, an open floor plan can make the home feel larger, even if the square footage is modest.

  4. Homes with Green Features. Saving money and living green are trends that aren’t likely to disappear anytime soon. Buyers are now looking for features which are going to cut down on a home’s operating costs, as well as lessen its impact on the environment. Buyers want a house with reasonable energy costs. While most buyers in our area won’t pay substantially more for “green” and “energy efficient” improvements, they do want to know what it will cost to heat and cool the house.
  5. Incentives. Along with pricing and getting a home for a good value, buyer incentives play a big role in the buyer’s decision when they’re shopping for a home. To stimulate buyer’s interest, sellers are offering everything from gift cards, to new furniture and to financial assistance at closing.
  6. Home that fits their Lifestyle. Here in South Lake Tahoe, home buyers usually demand a home that fits their lifestyle. That can mean a specific style of home, or a nice private setting with beautiful views. They might prefer a home with a lot of storage space for all their “big toys”. A home with great outdoor living or a nice space for entertaining friends. Most of the time location is very important. Sometimes they might find a home more desirable for being closer to certain amenities like hiking trails, ski resorts, the beach, night life, restaurants, the lake and etc.


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